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DIY FRIDAY-coffee table center piece (using baby food jars)

Sorry hubby, but the house chores are going to have to wait…it’s DIY FRIDAY time!

This is probably the simplest DIY project I have ever done. No joke, I didn’t have to ask my husband to come and intervene once! (I usually do with just a few projects).  You only need 7 items to make this.  (8 if you include the adult beverage, but really it’s a must when doing projects).

So here is a quick thing about me…I love any type of jar or glass bottle (just ask my husband). I literally have a collection from mason jars, wine bottles, baby food jars. If they had a bumper sticker that said I LOVE JARS, you would see it on my car. (I think you get the point). Anyone else with me?!

So…with that said… I decided to complete a pottery barn inspired coffee table decor with a little shabby chic twist. Below are the directions and pictures of the steps to complete this DIY. Most things that were used I had lying around in my house. The only items I had to buy for this project were the votive candles, flowers, and little acorns  (Dollar Store purchases). So all together this DIY project cost me $6.39  . SCORE!!!!!! (we all know DIY can get expensive at times)

—Side Note— by the way, I had the wood lying around my house because my husband had a brilliant idea to build a boat…YES, you read that right…yeah, well… the story ends with us having a ton of wood lying around…I think you get the point, so why not use it to complete DIY projects. Thanks for the inspiration, husband!

STEP 1– Gather supplies:

  • long piece of plywood (measurements depend on the size of your table), paint sponge/brush, sand paper, a roll of twine, 4 large baby food jars, 2 small baby food jars, 1 taller glass jar (I saved mine from a pressed juice I received at a juice bar), acrylic glue, American Decor chalk paint, votive candles, and a flower or two
    Amanda Morehouse's photo.

    I LOVE the Dollar Store!!! Especially for DIY projects!

 Step 2: Wipe down the wood and sand any rough edges


 Step 3: Paint the wood using American Decor chalky paint (I only used one coat)


 Step 4: Once the paint is dry use the sand paper to give it that shabby chic look 

 Step 5: Start wrapping the baby food jars with twine

Quick Tips:

  • do not use glue, it doesn’t stick and it’s so messy
  • take the twin and fold the cut piece in half
  • take the middle of the folded piece and wrap it around the jar
  • tie a knot
  • continue this process until the whole twine piece is used
  • double knot at the end, and cut off any excess pieces


For the larger jar I just tied a bow of twine

around the rim of it.

Step 6: Arrange the jars to your liking on the wood piece


Step 7: Use the arcrylic glue and place a small amount on the bottom of each jar


Step 8: Place decorative items in the jars: flamless votives, acorns, and flowers


There you go! You’re DONE! (Even Johnny loves it!)img_4941

Happy DIY FRIDAY!!!!! Now it’s your turn!

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