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Can HAPPINESS truly be defined?

john lennon

The one thing I have always wanted was to “be happy” in whatever I do. Silly me…of course we ALL want that. I love how John Lennon says he wants to “be happy” when he grows up. Though, the struggle can be “how do we take the feeling of being happy and find the actual Happiness in our life..

Feeling happy is different from the sense of Happiness.

Happy is an adjective, which is a feeling. We can have this all throughout our day. Where as Happiness is a noun. It takes time to find Happiness, which then presents itself into a “person, place, or thing” in your life that you wouldn’t be able to live without.

Which leads me to this thought…

Can Happiness truly be defined?

There are so many different personalities within the world that we all have our own sense of Happiness. Some of us are still trying to find that Happiness…

As I was drinking my coffee this morning I thought to myself…

“I wonder what Happiness is to others.”

Johnny and I went on a mission around Lake Eola  to ask the question to others “What is your Happiness?” Below are the responses I received. It was so interesting and empowering to ask that question to others. Of course people were surprised that I stopped them to ask, but in the end I actually had a few people “thank me”.

Our first stop was Publix (which is our favorite grocery store!) We stopped there to get a few flowers so that we could give them to people after I asked them about their Happiness. It was just a token of thanking them for responding.  Johnny and I then proceeded to walk around the lake and find people that we could ask. We looped around the lake two times, and it was amazing to pass by the previous people we talked with and see them still carrying their flower.

Below are the responses I received after asking the  question “What is your Happiness?”

“Jesus”- two Publix cashiers

“family”- two women runners

“not running, sleeping” – a woman runner

“freedom to do what I want”- elderly lady

” I don’t know, but I can present thoughts: helathy foods, or just a sense of life”- elderly man

“you can’t contain happiness from others and things, I learned I have to find it within myself”- mother of two boys

“dauther & wife”- elderly man runner

This next one was the one that stood out to me the most…

“nothing”-young lady

Happiness can be the most difficult thing to achieve due to what we call LIFE.  It takes a lot of determination, patience, and overcoming challenges to actually achieve it.


So I leave you with this thought and challenge… What is “your” Happiness?

Happiness is _______________.

If you haven’t found happiness I challenge you to have that be your mission. You may be surprised by what it truly is.

Ready, Set, Go! 

P.S. My Happiness is my family: John, Johnny, and LadyBelle (our dog). (Generic I know, but it truly is!)


3 thoughts on “Can HAPPINESS truly be defined?”

    1. Thank you! You are right, “stuff/things” makes us “feel”happy for a short period and then soon diminishes away. A lifetime of happiness is found deep within yourself, which can be different for each person. Thanks for reading!


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