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Hey Moms! Are you a Googler? & Remember when…

Googler;  (n) someone who constantly google searches everything humanly possible; more specifically about baby related things

(I totally just made that up! It’s so true though!)

Being a new mom was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. The first night at home with our son I looked down at my baby boy and I knew that he relied on ME (my husband as well) to thrive and be kept alive. (A little extreme I know, but it was truly how I felt.) It was the most overwhelming feeling I have ever had. So that lead me to long nights and days attached to GOOGLE SEARCH for every little sound and different looks a human could possibly have. I became a GOOGLER. If my son had any type of symptom (even smiling, jk) I searched it. I soon realized…

“I had to get my head out of GOOGLE SEARCH.”

I had a friend once say to me “when you google search you are bound to find the answer you want to hear, or symptoms that may not even be related to what you search (but you think it is).” So true!

Once I understood that babies are going to have weird sounds and different looks  I accepted that and ditched the constant googling.

“I retired from being a constant Googler.”

I built my confidence up and understood that life was not about comparing my child to others, and that if my  baby is healthy and happy “Well then, I’m a VERY happy mama.”  I also starated “listening”to my motherly instincts, which was the hardest thing for me. Now I enjoy being a parent more then ever! Being a parent is the most rewarding attribute in my life. It has truly given me a new insight into things.

“I’m proud to say I’m a mama, even on the bad days.”

Now, don’t get me wrong I still google search, but I’m not overly obsessive like I was before. Once I lifted my head up I enjoyed my son so much more. I soon realized that there were things that I once enjoyed and still would love to be involved with. I truly started living life again, but this time I had a little buddy with me! This leads me to…

Remember when…

I have to admit after my son was born I was caught up in the “baby stuff” and pushed everything I once enjoyed “on hold“.

Many times “us mamas” fall in the trap of “I use to be…” Well I decided I wanted to turn it into “I still am______.” or “I now am a_____” Sometimes your children may even teach you about hobbies you always had, but never really reached out to them.

Before my son I loved to: practice yoga, complete diy projects, go for walks, go shopping, go to coffee shops, go to the beach, exercise, and read. I soon realized that many of these things I could still do, but I had to be creative and somehow try to incorporate him.

I choose just a few hobbies to bring back into my life and involve my son with. After doing that, we have created an even stronger bond together (don’t get me wrong, we still have our bad days). So now anytime I see something I’m interested in and it states “all are welcome” guess who I bring? OR… if there is something I can do at home I “ditch” the house chores and involve myself and my son in the hobby. (Ex: diy projects)


It’s easy to say…”I have kids, so there’s not time.” It does take some creativity on your part, and it’s not always easy but…

“I know you can do it!”

So, this one is for you mamas…

I encourage you to stop being a constant Googler (if you are) and look back at what you once enjoyed in your life and BRING IT BACK TO YOU! I’m here to support you!

Are you up for the challenge? I know you can do this!

P.S. If you’re already doing this, you’re my HERO!

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