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Farmers’ Market


A farmers’ market offers so much to our senses: food, music, artistry, nature, and interactions with people. My family and I live very close to downtown Orlando, and every once in a while we like to take a stroll around the Lake Eola farmers’ market. We have even brought guests from out-of-town to visit the market and they have really enjoyed it.

Do you have a farmers’ market around your area? If so, what is it like? When is the last time you went? Below are pictures I took of my recent visit along with some valuable information about farmers’ markets. Enjoy reading along…


Tell me how this picture makes you feel?


A farmers’ market makes me feel__________.








Farmers’ markets hold an abundance of history and they are becoming more recognized by the public. The downtown Orlando market has been around for 29 years and they keep adding so much more. The location use to be under the I-4 interstate across from the Church Street station, but due to new construction and the difficulty of obtaining access to the market they had to relocate. That brought them now over to the beautiful view of Lake Eola. It was kind of meant to be…don’t you think?

There is something so intoxicating about how a community joins together at the market. It’s great to see people supporting local businesses and farmers.




Johnny enjoyed a yummy popsicle from Peak Season Pops. If you live in Orlando or visit here often you should definitely check it out. They have delicious gourmet ice pops for not only people, but also pups!


The name of Johnny’s popsicle was “The Hulk”!





I love how music is also becoming more popular in the market!



Johnny and I ended our time at the market with an attempt to practice yoga, yeah well… that lasted about 5 minutes! Poor Johnny had enough and it was time for a nap! Grumpy Yoga is what we did…

If you live in Orlando, or are ever in the area there is a group that hosts a yoga practice every Sunday right by the farmers’ market. You can follow them on facebook, Yoga in Lake Eola Park. They just ask for a $5 donation (can’t beat that) They were very accepting of me bringing my baby along! I even saw people that brought their dog as well!

Here is something interesting…

I wanted to see if there was a website that showcased all the farmers’ markets in America, and sure enough I found one! It’s called National Farmers Market Directory.  All you have to do is click the link and then enter your zipcode. It will filter to the markets close to your area. How awesome would it be to travel around America and visit farmers’ markets? Here’s something to add to your bucket list…

Farmers’ Markets have become so popular that there is even an online website where you can purchase local food. It’s available 24-7 and  365 days of the year, it’s called America’s Farmer’s Market. The idea behind America’s Farmer’s Market is to support local public schools, and local food producers. They divide the profit in half, 50% to a local public school of your choice, and the other 50% that supports local and regional artisans. WHAT A NEAT IDEA!! Click America’s Farmer’s Market to learn more about it.

I just had to… 

What do you end up doing after getting some delishish goods at the market?  Make yourself brunch! I couldn’t help myself, and it was very tasty.  I went with an egg burrito with all the fillings!!! (inlcuding CHEESE)

Now it’s your turn! Go explore your neighborly farmers’ market and see what they have to offer.

Happy Marketing!


P.S. Comment below and tell me what your favorite part is about going to a farmers’ market. Also, if you live in a different state post a picture or tell me something about it, so that if I’m ever in the area I could check it out! Thanks!

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