Life Challenges

THAT Person, MY Person

Where are you right now, YES, right at this moment? In your house, a car, outside, work, the mall, a restaurant, a friend’s house? When you’re able to, find the right time to excuse yourself and go to a place that is quiet enough for you to reflect.

No rush, I’ll wait…….

Are you there? Okay, good. I’m going to take you on a little journey called That person. This will take 100% reflecting on your part. Are you up for the challenge?

 Let’s slow down for a moment.

Is there a person in your life that: inspires you, makes you laugh, teaches you, helps you, and someone you rely on? It could be your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, husband, wife, friend, aunt, uncle, and the list goes on…

Do you have THAT person’s image in your head? Good! Now, here comes the reflecting part…

“Someone is in deep thought.”

Take a few moments to think back on your life where THAT person has changed it for the better.



What moments came to your mind?

How did it make you feel?

Words are great, but sometimes a thoughtful ACTION is more powerful.

My Challenge for YOU…

I encourage you to let THAT person know just how much you care about them and need them in your life. It’s easy to tell them, but being creative and showing them how much you care about them can be a little more challenging.

Cost-efficient ways you can show THAT person just how much they mean to you

Johnny says “Come on guys, you can do it!”
  • give that person a pack of gum and on each gum stick wrapper write an adjective describing what they mean to you.
  • make their favorite meal or favorite dessert



WAIT! There’s more…

  • put a note on their car telling them how much you appreciate them (you can even leave it anonymous just to make it fun)
  • write a note explaining how you value them and add a picture of you two
  • get a mason jar and popsicle sticks: write as many things about them that you cherish. They will be able to take one out each day if they ever need a little SMILE.
  • Pack some of their favorite snacks and spend an evening going to some places that bring back memories. Converse about what you remember at those special places.
  • send them a short video with their favorite music in the background with you telling them just how much they mean to you (If you want to make it fancy you can write it on index cards so that way you aren’t talking over the music )
  • go on a scavenger hunt at a local park. Have pre-made index cards with either fun memories you two share, or just short words that describe what they mean to you. When you get to the park have them close their eyes while you “hide” the cards. (you can even blind fold them just to make it fun!)
  • If you are feeling BOLD go to one of their favorite department stores and go to the customer service desk to see if they will allow you to have an announcement made. Ask them if they can state the name of your person and something that you cherish about them. (you’ll have to be sneaky and pretend that you are slipping away to the “bathroom” to do this.)
  • have a day that is dedicated to all their favorite thingsimg_3641

You’re my person, and always will be my person”
-Grey’s Anatomy

Can you guess who MY person is? He is my husband, best friend, and father of our child. We have been together since we were 14 years old and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I chose the challenge of creating a video by using index cards with a personal message. Of course, I had to incorporate Johnny (my son) somehow. I sent it to my husband while he was at work, and it helped to brighten his day. Side note: make sure to use a DARK MARKER so the words are easier to read in the video. I made the mistake of not doing this, but I couldn’t start over because Johnny’s initial reaction was priceless!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the link if you want to view it. The best part was that is did not cost me a dime, and it only took about 5 minutes to do!

Okay……..Now it’s your turn! Who is your person?

Ready, Set, Go!



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