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After the Storm

This past weekend the Orlando area was hit with some pretty bad storms. On Sunday I wanted to make our way over to Lake Eola’s Farmer’s Market, but it just was too wet. I’ll save that for next weeks post in “Oh, the places you’ll go” and hope for dry weather.  We did eventually make our way over to Lake Eola around 6pm, but by then the Farmer’s Market was taken down. With all that said…we walked around the lake right after the storm passed. I couldn’t believe the type of pictures I was able to capture! You can view them below!

What do you see in this picture?

“I spy with my little eye ____________.”

After learning about different features to use with the iPhone 6 camera, I had to start applying my knowledge! Within these pictures I focused on playing around with the exposure control (how light or dark an image will appear).This feature is great to use with the Florida Trees.

To learn more about camera features on your iPhone 6 click the link to visit my previous blog.

Can you spot the two love birds?
“Hey! Are you looking at me?”

If you have ever been to Lake Eola in Orlando, have you ever wondered about the different types of swans you see?  I know I have, especially after taking pictures of them. So I came across this informational bird guide that gives the name and a small description about the swans of Lake Eola. If you’re a regular at the lake, pull this guide up on your phone and see if you can identify the swans around the lake. How neat! I’m a sucker for things like this! img_3329

It was neat to see all the birds drying off and exposing themselves after the storm.

My family is so important to me! Just being with them lightens my day. There was this friendly lady who actually asked us to take our picture! She captured a great one! If she wouldn’t have taken it I could have always used my timer mode! To find out more on how to use timer mode visit my previous blog on iPhone 6 camera features.

img_3300This swan is just glowing! There is such an elegance to a swan, but surprisingly they are not the nicest and very territorial. I believe this pictured swan is a Royal Mute.

I think I’m obsessed with Florida Trees! I can’t help how beautiful they look in pictures and the type of effects they can make just to enhance a photo.

A Brief History of Lake Eola

This lake was first established in 1888 and featured as a park. Jacob Summerlin wanted this area of land to be beautified since he owned the Summerlin Hotel. This piece of land has previously been a zoo, horse track, tennis courts, a pier with a dancing area, and a local radio station’s broadcasting sight. The lake itself is actually a sinkhole. The name “Lake Eola” comes from a lady Jacob Summerlin’s sons both knew and decided they wanted to name it after her.

This sculpture is called “Take Flight” It represents freedom and transcendent joy.

Along the lake you will see statues that display the eight elements that portrays the city of Orlando. In 2011 a community formed SEE Art Orlando. Check out the link and if you ever take a walk around the lake try to go on a scavenger hunt to find them. You can just view the link on your phone. Above is just one of the pieces. img_3294

I love going out in public and seeing people relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening. I bet they’ll be refreshed for the week ahead!


This was where we started to head back to our car. These benches are inviting you to come and sit on them. Will you be venturing over to Lake Eola soon? If it’s your first time, you will see so many things that capture your eye.

If you have already been multiple times try going on these two scavanger hunts:


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