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iPhone 6: Hidden Camera Features You May Have Not Known About

Follow me into exploring the wonderful tools and techniques that you may have not known you could use with the iphone 6 camera.  Below are just three features I am focusing on and wanted to share with you on how to use them.

Focus and Exposure Control

You can manually control how light or dark an image can appear. I love this feature, it makes a huge difference in the quality of your photos. The right type of lighting is so important when capturing pictures. Here is how to use this feature. It’s very simple!

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  1. Open camera app
  2. tap anywhere on the screen and a small yellow outline box should appear with an image of a sun to the right
  3. take your finger by the sun image and scroll up and down (vertically) this will increase and decrease the lighting on the item you are focusing on.
  4. Snap a picture! img_3245

IMPORTANT-make sure to press and hold until the AE/AF lock appears (Auto Exposure/Auto Focus), otherwise the exposure/focus control tends to change and reset to something else in the photo.

Burst Mode

The burst mode feature  would best be used to capture action or group photos. 

How to Use Burst Mode

  1. Open your camera app
  2. Press and hold the shutter button, this is the button you press to take a picture  (the shutter button should turn grey)
  3. Release your finger when you are done taking the pictures
  • The displayed number counts how many bursts you are taking.

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How to View Burst Mode Photos

  1. Click on the photo you just took a burst with
  2. At the bottom middle of the screen press the select button, it is highlighted in blue
  3. On the “Choose Favorites” screen you can select the photos you want to keep by clicking on them. A blue check mark should appear at the bottom right of the photos, which means those are what you want to keep.
  4. Click done after selecting your photos
  5. Select either “keep everything” or keep only the ones you choose as your favorites
  • The picture with the grey dot at the bottom of your burst photo scroll selection is the generated favorite that the iphone chose for you.

Timer Mode

This would best be used for taking selfies, or large group photos that everyone wants to be a part of. There is a countdown option of 3 seconds or 10 seconds.



  1. Open camera app
  2. click on the timer image (it’s the 3rd image to the right on the top of the screen)
  3. choose 3 seconds or 10 seconds of time before the camera starts taking a picture
  4. Then press the shutter button to activate the timer

Volume Button

You can use the volume button to snap photos so that you feel like you are actually using a digital camera. Also, it helps to take easier selfies.

Want to learn more? 

Here is another link  that I found helpful in viewing more ways to use your iphone 6 camera.

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