Life Challenges

What’s In Your Neighborhood?


It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?

-Fred Rodgers

I challenge you to go for a walk around your neighborhood. Wait for it…. here is the real challenge, leave the devices at home and “look up” at what your neighborhood offers. Feel free to share in the comments. Make sure to post the city and state that you live in, along with your discoveries. What did you see, smell, hear, feel, or taste?  Ready, Set, Go! 

Johnny and our dog LadyBelle were up for the challenge! 

As we were walking out the door these little guys decided to say “Hi”! We went for a walk right after a summer thunderstorm. 

I live in the downtown colonial south district in Orlando, FL. This is a historic district and many of the homes were built in the 1920’s during the Florida Land Boom. As you walk along the street and view homes you will notice many have a plaque placed near the front entrance stating what year the home was built. These homes have so much character to offer. 

Crisp and Clean 

Have you noticed that pineapples are starting to become a popular decor? I like pineapples because of what they symbolize: hospitality. 



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